improve your image

We offer a comprehensive commercial photography service, conducted by a qualified professional. A combination of excellent technical skills and visual flair, are key in creating a perfect business portfolio. The end result is a portfolio of high quality shots, professionally processed, formatted for both the web and print.

We will create a combination of shots to portray your location, offices and staff. If you have a product-centric business, we can create a full, high-resolution, quality set of close up shots for each product across your entire product line.

About our photographer

A semi-retired professional with no overheads or plans for earning grandeur sums of money. Therefore, you will find our commercial photography pricing very reasonable compared to the majority of studio and agency photographers.

Until recently, photography was only ever a serious hobby. I originally learned the basics from my father, a professional agency photographer in the 50s and 60s. After leaving main-stream work in 2015, I decided to take up photography again. I invested in a professional-level DSLR camera after discovering my old 1970's Chinon 35mm film camera was defunct after spending circa 30 years in various boxes and attics.

After getting to know all about my new, modern equipment, I practised, practised, practised, taking 1,000s of shots, in order to perfect and hone my image-making. To back up my technical skills, I recently completed a crammer course to achieve a diploma in creative photography, passing with 88%.