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Please see below for the photography plans offered.

Basic photo shoot

Up to three hours on-site. Photos will be a mixture of your location, i.e. inside and outside of your office or shop, staff, products and anything else agreed.

£250.00 + expenses*

Includes up to 20-30 professionally processed photos.

Product photo shoot

Up to one day onsite. Photos will be focused around your product line(s). We will also take a small range of relevant shots that include your location, i.e. inside and outside of your office/shop/establishment, including staff if appropriate.

From £350.00 + expenses*

Includes up to 5 views for each product, to a total of 80-100 professionally processed photos.

Golf Club and course photo shoot

Up to four hours onsite. Photos will be focused around your golf course but will include a good selection clubhouse shots  (inside and out). Please let us know if you have any special needs and we will do our best to cover them.

£350.00 + expenses*

Includes 50-70 professionally processed photos of your course and amenities.

18 hole course guide photo shoot

At least two shots on each hole depicting tee to fairway and green, plus any special features of a particular hole, such as a water hazard or special bunker arrangement.

£300.00 + expenses*

Includes 40-60 professionally processed photos covering a course of 18 holes.

Please contact us for other requirements, e.g. 27 holes or more.

All expenses will be charged at cost.
This includes mileage to/from your business (or photo-shoot location) at 45p per mile.
If the travelling distance to the agreed venue is more than 75 miles, charges will be applied for all relevant travel and overnight costs . This could be a combination of mileage, rail, flights and taxi fares. Additionally, up to £100 towards overnight accommodation will be applied when applicable. All estimated expenses will be advised in advance.